Fduke Server



Fduke.jar is a multiplayer launcher in java to play Duke Nukem online




Fduke.jar is a Eduke32 (Duke Nukem 3D) launcher developmented in Java to run in Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Fduke support Eduke32 Mods (Download bellow), all this games dont need any setting, all you need is download a game, unzip to C:\eduke32 and download Fduke.jar to same folder, when you execute Fduke.jar show a welcome message and games you have in folder and you ready to play online.  

you can Play online using all the game port bellow:

  • Eduke32 + Platoon Remake Mod (Windows or Linux using Wine) Download
  • Eduke32 + Platoon v1.1B Mod (Windows or Linux using Wine) Download
  • Eduke32-oldmp Release 1 (Windows or Linux using Wine) Download
  • Eduke32 + Command&Conquer TC Mod Download
  • Eduke32 + Premium Mod Download
  • 64PainKiller + Eduke32 + Fduke32 Download 
  • Duke3DForever + Eduke32oldmpDebug Mod Download
  • Redneck Rampage + Eduke32 Mod (erampage) Download
  • Starship Troopers Eduke32 Mod for Multiplayer Download
  • Eduke32 + AWOL Download
  • Fduke32 (Windows, Linux using Wine and Linux) Download
  • Duke3Dw v432 from PROASM (a nice alternative to Players have Eduke32 problem like setup, mouse, video, sound...) Download
  • Jfduke3d (2008) from JonoF updated by Hendricks266 (tested with Win XP, Win 8.1, Win 10 and Linux using wine) Download
  • Eduke32-oldmp Fraglimit (Release 20) with StrikerDM-r135.pk3 include Download
  • Sound Alert .wav file to Play when join Download, play in chat private message Download, play when someone exit of Fduke Download. Save only sound alert you want play
  • First Download a supported duke nukem port above, unzip and Download Fduke.jar to same folder, click in Fduke.jar and start play online