Welcome to Fduke.jar Duke Nukem launcher

Fduke.jar launcher is a applicator to play Duke3D (Eduke32 and Fduke32 with Fduke32 you can run in Windows or run 100% in Linux dont need wine). both Eduke32 oldMP, Duke3Dw (proasm) and Fduke32 support some Mods Tested with: (Platoon v1.1B. Platoon Remake, Command&Conquer TC and AWOL) in multiplayer on Internet. The Fduke.jar is a complete launcher with Master Server, Chat Private and Public, Transfer map file, Host Mode, Join Mode and Single Player with Bots, Checksum to files .EXE and .GRP to avoid different version or cheater. To run just put in same duke nukem port folder and click in Fduke.jar ou if you use Linux open and execute in a terminal: java -jar Fduke.jar (to run need java installed java version 1.7 or above ) to get a map just set to Join mode and Host can send map to Join click in in Publish button. Can work in 3 mode “Host”, “Join” and “Single Player” can enabled Bots box to play with bots up to 8 bots, work in Operating system Windows and Linux if you have Eduke32.exe ou Fduke32.exe you can run it using wine in Linux or 100% Linux if you have Fduke32, this file are include in Fduke32 download. To play over Internet as Host a game you need a port forward, by Default Eduke32.exe and Fduke32.exe work in 23513 UDP but you can change it from 1025 up to 65535 in mode Host after Host Publish change it to same port in Join mode players, as Join Mode you dont need any portforward to play. To Host a game just select “Create a Room” set number of Players (default=2 and max 8 Players) and click in “Publish” this send to players as join the map and IP from host, this is all you need, than Click in Start button and game port open waiting client, when all players numbers join start immediately.

you can Play online using the game port like:

-Eduke32 + Platoon Remake Mod (Windows or Linux using Wine) Download

-Eduke32 + Platoon v1.1B Mod (Windows or Linux using Wine) Download

-Eduke32-oldmp (Windows or Linux using Wine) Download

-Eduke32 + Command&Conquer TC Mod Download

-Eduke32 + Premium Mod Download

-64PainKiller + Eduke32 + Fduke32 Download

-Duke3DForever + Eduke32oldmpDebug Mod Download

-Redneck Rampage + Eduke32 Mod (erampage) Download

-Eduke32 + AWOL Download

-Fduke32 (Windows, Linux using Wine and Linux) Download

-Duke3Dw v432 from PROASM (a nice alternative to Players have Eduke32 problem like setup, mouse, video, sound...) Download

First Download a supported duke nukem port above, unzip and Download Fduke.jar to same folder, click in Fduke.jar and start play online.

Fduke running in Windows

Fduke running in Windows

Fduke running in Windows

Playing Platoon v1.1

Fduke running in Linux

Eduke3Dforever Eduke32 Mod running online
Redneck Rampage (Erampage32) Eduke32 Mod running online in co-op mod
Playing Platoon Remake in co-op mode
Platoon Remake in co-op mode
Playing online with 64PainKiller Eduke32 Mod

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